More Flexibility with a Versatile Fleet


Short or Long-Range, We’ve Got You Covered with Cost-Effective Private Air Travel

PlaneSense® manages the largest civilian fleet of Pilatus PC-12 aircraft in the world, as well as a comprehensive jet program that now includes the Pilatus PC-24 jet. As an owner in our fractional program, you’ll get where you’re going faster, with just hours’ notice needed for scheduling. And with the ability to access municipal airports and grass strips in addition to commercial airfields, it means that when you arrive, you’ll already be closer to your final destination.

When you fly with PlaneSense, access to state-of-the-art aircraft is just the beginning. In addition to flying when and where you want, PlaneSense® members benefit by always having expertly maintained aircraft, world-class amenities and our unmatched commitment to service. With the PlaneSense® fractional program you will save money, time, and effort compared to other whole aircraft, charter, or other fractional aircraft ownership programs. Buy only according to your flying needs, and gain access to the entire fleet, making it easy to get to your next destination.


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Get Closer To Your Destination

Spend more time vacationing and less time traveling. The Pilatus PC-24 can access more airports than similarly-sized aircraft, so you can easily explore remote ranches in Texas, take in the best golf courses of New Mexico, and get more runs in at your favorite Rockies ski destinations. The PlaneSense Flight Operations Center helps you make the most of your vacation time, starting from the moment you step aboard. By logging your preferences, each flight is personalized so every member of your party feels comfortable, including your pets!

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The Sensible Private Travel Solution

The PlaneSense® fractional aircraft ownership program is an industry leader for a reason. Fractional owners get the flexibility they want, optimal access to over 900 airports, and enjoy prices that are nearly half the cost of comparable programs. PlaneSense manages the largest civilian fleet of Pilatus PC-12 aircraft in the world, as well as a quickly expanding jet program, which includes the world’s first Pilatus PC-24 jet. This growing fleet can get you where you need to go, when you want to get there.

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Pilatus PC-12 Fractional Ownership

The PC-12 strikes the perfect balance between comfort and convenience, making it an ideal fit for the versatile fractional ownership program.

Jet Travel Solutions

The PlaneSense® Fractional jet ownership program guarantees access to jet aircraft when you need it.

Understanding Fractional Aircraft Ownership

Through the innovative structure of fractional programs, share owners enjoy the benefits of sharing both the costs and responsibilities of aircraft ownership in an arrangement with a seasoned fractional company.